Alice Cooper fans hold the Cooper experience with a reverence most tribute bands wouldn't want to challenge. DEVIL'S FOOD understood this from the initial discussions that led to the band's formation and have successfully created a show worthy of its namesake.

All five members were heavily impacted by Alice Cooper in their formative years. In addition, each was particularly inspired by a different era of Alice 's career which insures the set list reflects a good balance of all his music. A Cooper tribute also demands a strong visual and theatrical presence, which DEVIL'S FOOD brutally delivers live without question.

There is a natural chemistry and camaraderie among the members that is clearly evident in their performances. The band is comprised of seasoned musicians all from local high-profile acts, everyone very comfortable his specific piece of the project. Though there is a casual air about the band a great deal of attention has been put into the music and re-creation of the show. DEVIL'S FOOD is macabre, loud, bloody, cocky, irreverent, humorous and shocking - an honorable tribute to the man himself.


the awakening
ballad of dwight fry
be my lover
billion dollar babies
the black widow
clones (we're all)
cold ethyl
dead babies
department of youth
devil's food
feed my frankenstein
go to hell
i'm eighteen