Tim Casey started his musical career playing drums in Jr. High School in Los Angeles, California. It was the days of "Gloria, Dirty Water and Satisfaction". Playing drums for 35 years, Tim played every type of music that was the fad at the time. Everything hit the fan on New Years Eve at The Roxy Theatre on the famed Sunset Strip, when every major record company passed on the Casey Bros. Band. Tim got the blues, took up the guitar, wrote and sang his own songs, and started fronting The Blusecats. Once he realized one good blues lick works on any kind of music, it was obvious the blues is where all styles of music came from. Tim dove head first into the blues and never looked back.

"Swing Shift", which is, I think, a compilationn to conquor Europe is good party music and has the following ingredients: everything is played with an overdose of enthusiasm, the necessary variety, a considered ratio original verses covers 7 & 7. These Bluescats can play all styles and it seems to me that they'll put any festival, club or tent on fire when playing live. Marc Nolis, Rootstown Magazine, Belgium

This band uses instruments and amplifiers changed little from the 1950s, a vintage amalgamation of old woods, vacuum tubes and paper cone speakers. Playing blues from the time of big-finned cars, bad bourbon, fat steak and horizonless optimism. Sam Enriquez, L.A. Daily News