Hello, you may remember RAIL as the first winners of the MTV basement tapes yielding $100,000, an EMI record contract and 3 videos in Hot Rotation during the mid 80's. Perhaps you caught one of their concerts with Van Halen as their toured the entire U.S. and Canada as the only opening act. RAIL also toured nationally with Heart, Ted Nugent, Blue Oyster Cult, Sammy Hagar, Benatar, Toto, Cheap Trick, Beach Boys, Three Dog Night, Joan Jett, Night Ranger, Loverboy and dozens more.
The summer of 2000 RAIL was unveiled at the EMP (Experience Music Project) grand opening in Seattle performing live at memorial stadium and (still) on exhibit in the EMP. The support RAIL is receiving from their classic rock fan base has compelled the original members to perform fairs and festivals since that time. RAIL has re-released two extended CD's, ARRIVAL and ADIO, that are both video enhanced. An all new release titled BIG WORLD followed in 2001. These are selling well at Sam Goodies, independent stores and the web site www.railonline.net