"Your performance was extremely effective in setting the appropriate tone for the meetings. We were impressed with your ability to weave our key messages into your presentation in a way that was both humorous and informative...that had to be a juggling act in itself!"

Ron Ostrowski, Ed Renouard; V.P.'s 747/767/777 Programs, Boeing Corporation

When the Boeing Corporation rolled out their new 777 airplane and invited over 150 journalists from around the world to Seattle to cover the event, Greg Bennick was invited to be the headlining act at the gala dinner and to perform as Master of Ceremonies. Since English was not the first language of many attendees, Greg had to rely on his physical comedy skills to make the night a hit. When Nintendo needed an after dinner show at their annual meeting Greg was called and used his seven ball juggling and six foot unicycle to celebrate the quarter's results. When State Farm Insurance wanted to really hammer home the idea of "performance leadership" at their Regional Meeting, they looked to Greg to make it happen. He used quick one liners geared at the competition to enhance his message of commitment to quality.
"My client thought I was a genius for finding such an amazing entertainer and passed that praise along to my boss!"