Danny Vernon's "Illusion of Elvis" show is focused on the continuation of a legend that will never be forgotten. He strives to capture the growing appeal of Elvis Presley's charisma and multi-talented musical abilities. Danny's professional experience comes from lead roles in theater, charitable events to the "Illusion of Elvis" showcase, as well as the honor of singing the National Anthem. Danny's personal interaction with the audience is genuine; from the shaking of extended hands or the giving of his scarf.

Danny Vernon professionally performs a chronological Elvis showcase with full costume changes, a live band, or tracks. He currently has just won the Elvis Presley's estates endorsed Elvis tribute contest in Penticton B.C. 2002.

Danny offers a wide variety of options designed to meet your specific needs. His show can be alone, with back-up singers, showgirls, or other impersonators.

From the many years of admiration of Elvis Presley, Danny has sought to create a show that would hold the excitement of Elvis on stage. "I try to recapture the charisma and sex appeal that helped sparked a new direction in popular culture. In addition, I also aspire to show respect, and support the integrity of the man and his music." ~ Danny Vernon