This versatile performer delivers laughs every time whether its' a comedy club,corporate function or private party. Professional, adaptable, hysterical;everything you need in a performer to make you show a success. His company,Sosumi Productions, offers complete production services for commercials, corporatevideos, industrial films and television shows.

"Alpine deftly walks the line between goofy and genius. Quick, highlyverbal and a real laugh maker." The Seattle Times

Okay, the Times is his hometown paper but see what the national press has to sayabout Chris. "Chris Alpine, one of the best acts in recent memory at Spellbinder's,proved an adept non-Texan comedian can make Texas jokes play a Houston audience." ---Variety

Yes, "The" Variety Magazine, the national entertainment magazine. But it's not justprint. Read what WCCO Radio in Minneapolis had to say.

"Chris Alpine had the crowd laughing from his opening line to his last funnyface. He's quick, he's clever and he sells it well. This is a funny man. Just what has he done to deserve these reviews? Take a look.